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First four meals from Munchery

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Perhaps the time is coming that I can get through the day in my jammies accompanied by laptop. I can work from home, get Google express to deliver the non-perishable stuff and now, get Munchery to deliver fresh food.

I recently ordered 8 items from Google express from 5 different stores. Crazy, right? Munchery is reverse of that. You can go to them for fresh food – different chefs, different cuisines, changing menu, local produce, all in one place. You can warm straight out of packaging and eat off it. This has to be the best thing that happened to frequent travelers and pajama lovers. They even donate a meal for every meal you buy. So here is what we tried for two nights, four different chefs, four different dishes. All meals were fresh tasting as promised, well balanced in flavors and ingredients, and reasonable portions.

Vera Cruz Style Rock Cod from Chef Scott Newman, Alum of Robicon and Coyote Cafe

Pan seared cod with basmati rice, light tomato based sauce with fresh vegetables like corn and red pepper. The sauce was very fresh tasting with excellent balance of flavors.

Sweet and Spicy Pollo (Chicken) Cubano by Chef Fletcher Starkey, Alum of Metro@Google

Chicken with rice and beans. I added some chopped persian cucumbers to the accompanying salad leaves. also added the plantain chips. Althugh chicken was cooked to perfection, the sauce for the chicken was tad too sweet.

Salmon with Sala Prezzemolo by Chefs Hayashida & Honda, Alum of Blowfish and Skool

Perfectly pan fried fish, spinach and a bean salad. Green sauce is prezzomolo, presumably parsely pesto with anchovies. This plate was excellent balance of flavors.

Tamarind-Chile Rainbow Trout by Chef Raymond Reyes, Alum of Gather, Michael Mina and Blowfish

Deboned trout, rice with vegetables and smoky chinese greens. Again an excellent dish with great balance of flavors.

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June 13, 2014 at 7:07 am

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Socca, Indian style

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We found some flowering coriander (aka cilantro) at the farmer’s market today. Normally this is cilantro past its prime but why not!

Harvest some of the flowers and young coriander seeds to make about a tbsp each.

Start with a cup of garbanzo flour, add 2 Tbsp olive oil, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper, 1 Tbsp of raw coriander seeds, 1/2 tsp onion (aka nigella) seeds and sufficient water to make this into a crepe batter consistency. You can substitute nigella with mustard seeds.

On a hot iron pan, add a tsp of oil. Ladle about 4 Tbsp of garbanzo bean batter and spread into a thin crepe. Cover and cook until the bottom surface is cooked, takes about a minute or so.

Flip and cook the other side. Keep in a covered container until all crepes are cooked. Don’t overcook or they can become dry. The steam from the crepes should keep them moist.

Serve with an indian style omelette – use the harvested coriander flowers, a finely diced thai green chili and finely diced fresh onions.

Written by Som

May 18, 2014 at 7:26 pm

Gluten free puri-aloo

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Buckwheat puri with aloo and yogurt raita

This dish is a different spin on peethi-ki-puri but is equally delicious and completely gluten free.

To make buckwheat puri, combine 1 cup of buckwhat flour with 1 tsp salt and 1 Tbsp mango powder. Add enough water and knead lightly until dough forms. Buckwheat doesn’t have gluten, so the dough will not have much elasticity. Divide into 10-12 dough balls, roll them flat gently with a little rice or buckwheat flour and deep fry one at a time in 350 degree oil.

Enjoy with your favorite potato (aloo) curry and salted yogurt or raita. And follow it up with a nice long hike to work off all those delicious carbs. Here are some photos from top of windy hill summit this weekend.

Skyline Blvd, facing south-west ward and looking down.

Looking east, you can see the salt ponds and Bay.

Looking north-west.

Facing south-west.

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May 18, 2014 at 7:08 pm

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Here is to mother’s day!

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Above is post-lunch drink. Chill the fluids – Blanton’s bourbon and Fever tree ginger ale. Combine half a bottle of ginger ale, gingerly, with an ounce of chilled bourbon. Sit back and enjoy this  slightly sweet, slightly gingery, slightly heady cocktail.

Lunch was a gluten free but otherwise a very Indian meal, something any mom would be proud to serve to her brood – buckwheat fritters with potato curry and raita. Sorry no photos – food disappeared before I had a chance to wipe oil off my fingers!

Make a potato curry. If you have a pet recipe, go with it. What you are looking for are curried potatoes with lots of light gravy, not the dry kind. Make a raita – for this meal, plain yogurt with a good dose of black salt is perfect.

To make the buckwheat batter, to 1 cup of buckwheat flour, add a teaspoon of salt, tablespoon of mango powder and 1 tsp of dried pomegranate seeds. Mix, add one cup water and stir until smooth batter forms. Buckwheat and sour flavor are brilliant together, so don’t skimp on the mango powder. This can be made up to a few days ahead. Preferably let the batter sit overnight.

Bring 2 or more cups of oil to about 350F in your favorite deep frying vessel. I am loving rice bran oil. Any high temperature oil is fine. Keep a paper towel lined cookie sheet in 250 degree oven. This is to keep the fritters warm while they are made in batches. Drop a tablespoon of batter at time in the hot oil. Fry unti the bubbles minimize. Transfer to cookie sheet.  Depending on the size of your frying vessel, you may be able to make up to 6 fritters per batch.

Ideally you want to serve the fritters as soon as they are cooked. But you can indeed keep the fritters warm in the meantime. Serve fritters with potato curry and raita for a not run-of-the-mill meal.

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May 10, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Soufflés at Cafe Jacqueline

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Special of the day – Oyster and spinach soufflé with gruyère cheese. Fresh lemon slices were placed on our plate and the hot soufflé served on top. The heat released the lemon flavor which permeated each serving.

Strawberry soufflé… Last time we had strawberry soufflé this good was 10 years ago at Cafe Jacqueline. I wish they made small soufflés and then one could really try em’ all.

Cafe Jacqueline in San Francisco North Beach area is a romantic little restaurant. But ideally, you want to go with some friends so you can sample the best of the lot. If I could eat more, I would have loved to try her French onion soup as well as her Grand marnier soufflé.

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March 8, 2014 at 4:21 pm

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Is this a French-Canadian dessert?

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Slab of brie, toasted pine nuts, drizzled with maple syrup …

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March 8, 2014 at 3:55 pm

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Whole crab for snacking

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Small crab as packaged snacks … mostly sweet. Very strong crab flavor. Probably fried whole? I was curious enough to try but this was too sweet for my taste.

Written by Sachin

February 17, 2014 at 1:36 pm

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