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Homemade bread

Homemade bread

I have been struggling with making bread off and on for the last decade. I had given up but Mark Bittman’s “no-knead” bread got me going again. After several attempts that resulted in uncooked center, I think I have found my mojo … It is no Acme but works fine accompanied by soups and in recipes like bread puddings and garlic bread.

My favorite breakfast: A slice of thick cut Acme sourdough – lightly buttered (would have mentioned a smear of clotted cream in my past) with a dollop of bitter orange marmalade and cup of Blue Bottle coffee…

There is no new recipe to be written. You have to try your own version that is suited to your kitchen and quality of flour. Play with the timings and temperature – rising and in the oven. For my kitchen temperature, I needed a shorter rising time (12 hours) and longer baking time (45 minutes). Write down the variations and the result so you can keep track. Trying to make bread on and off for a decade without keeping record didn’t help me one bit. When my no-knead bread didn’t work (a 4 year old can supposedly do this !), I decided to keep track.


Written by Som

October 7, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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