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Banana bread – be happy and healthy

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Chocolate buckwheat banana bread

Chocolate buckwheat banana bread

Growing up in India, soft ripe bananas usually translated to sweet and savory banana fritters. Now, they also end up in banana bread.

Yesterday, instead of the tried and tested banana bread recipe from Joy of Cooking, we decided to go for a new one. So, we substituted whole wheat pastry and buckwheat flour in David Lebovitz’s banana bread recipe, and added 1% homemade sour yogurt instead of sour cream.

Result: A dark, nutty and moist banana bread with only 120 calories per generous slice.

Light and moist banana bread with coffee and cocoa nibs

Light and moist banana bread with coffee and cocoa nibs

We used a combination of cocoa nibs and chocolate chips, and added a tablespoon of coffee. The cocoa nibs add a nice texture. The bread is by no means heart healthy (too many sugar calories) but it is whole grains combined with good things like yogurt, bananas, chocolate and coffee. Have it for breakfast, preferably with coffee and an omelette for a well rounded meal.

We found that 9 inch cake cut into 16 slices makes for a generous serving size. Here is the calorie breakdown:

  • 46 g (~1/4 cup) buckwheat groats processed into flour (154 cal / 33 carb / 4.6 fiber / 1.2 sugar / 5.8 protein / 1.4 fat)
  • 166 g of Bob’s Whole Wheat Pastry flour (608 cal / 122 carb/ 21g fiber / 16 g protein)
  • 6 g nibs sourced from Whole Foods (29.4 cal / 2.5 carb / 1.6 fiber / 0.42 sugar / 0.21 protein / 2.1 g fat / 0.63 sat fat)
  • 30 g Guittard chocolate chips (157.5 cal / 13.5 carb / 3 fiber / 8.25 sugar / 2.25 protein /12.75 g fat / 7.5 sat fat)
  • 150 g sugar (580 cal)
  • 1 cup banana puree (200 cal / 51 carb / 6 fiber / 2.4 fiber / 27.5 sugar)
  • 2 tbsp butter (200 cal / 22 g fat / 14 g sat fat)
  • 1/2 cup 1% yogurt (55 cal / 6.5 g carb/ 12 g sugar / 1.25 g fat / 4 g protein)
  • Spices and other baking stuff (0 calories)

Total: 1984 cal / 227 carb / 32 g fiber / 28 protein / 193 sugar / 40 fat / 22 g sat fat

Buckwheat, banana, coffee and chocolate go very well together. Next time, we will substitute cinnamon with some fennel seeds (Lucknow saunf). Will also try using “fall apart” ripe bananas and 25% less sugar.

Other desserts using ripe bananas:

  1. A traditional style low fat banana bread from Joy of Baking
  2. Banana bread with coconut milk and rum from 101Cookbooks

Written by Sachin

October 18, 2009 at 11:59 pm

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