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Domaine Chandon, California Wine Country

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Domaine Chandon

We had just had a lovely lunch at Perbacco, and were expecting to have a lovely dinner at Ad Hoc (Yountville). But how to spend the few hours in between the meals. We usually keep ourselves busy at work between lunch and dinner, but were playing hooky that day. It had to be something appropriate to celebrate a rare day away from work. Champagne, we thought, just might hit the spot. It was a hypothesis worth testing thoroughly.

We drove over to Yountville, found a parking spot, and strolled over to Domaine Chandon, through a little patch of grapevines right in Yountville downtown, across the train tracks, and into the gates of Domaine Chandon. If you walk up the driveway, instead of driving up, you get the pleasure of picking off a few grapes from the vines that run alongside the road.

Up the driveway, through the parking lot, over the bridge, through the front doors, up the stairs, and you are pretty close to your first glass of champagne. You could order a glass, or a flight, if you want to sample their range. Or you could just buy yourself a bottle, sit out in the glorious August weather (provided it is August), and proceed to drink up. Don’t forget to buy a bottle for your companions to share too.

And when you are done with the champagne you can wobble back to AdHoc or Redd or Bouchon.

Written by Sachin

November 15, 2009 at 10:53 am

Posted in Food, Restaurant Review

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