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Hungry planet: What the world eats and my weekly bounty

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My weekly bounty

My weekly bounty

For a few minutes every week, my weekly grocery is on my dinner table, waiting to be put away. It is a wonderful sight to behold in the summertime. What can be more glorious than a collage of nature’s bounty – multicolored zucchini, deep orange fleshed pumpkin, pastel colored melons, peppers ranging from purple to yellow, eggplants shaped like eggs and like elongated cylinders, potatoes shaped like fingers to ones shaped like grapes. And in Bay Area, owing to a large Asian community, I also bring home a large variety of different leafy greens, vines and gourds – when in doubt , I sauté with a hint of garlic and a dash of soy sauce. Aroma of fresh bread, popped corns, fermenting sauerkraut comingle to create a mini market on my table. Tomatoes are so juicy and plump that you want to eat them with a sprinkling of salt right then and there – and sometimes I do.

Hungry planet: What the World Eats“, by photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D’Aluisio, has photographs of weekly groceries from families around the world. From supermarket pre-packaged food excess in USA to meager nothing in relief camps. For a few moments every week, while putting my food away, I am reminded of those photos. I can not but be glad that I can afford to shop for fresh produce. That I live in a part of the world where a large variety of crops are grown within a 200 mile radius. That I am not juggling multiple jobs and can find time to cook.

Pickled hot chilli pepper

Pickled hot chilli pepper



Burger - with roasted and marinated eggplant

Burger - with roasted and marinated eggplant


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August 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

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