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Grégoire’s – can I have some fried mashed potatoes to go?

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Crab sandwich with chips

Deep fried mashed potatoes

Deep fried mashed potatoes

Winters are a little drizzly around here. On these drizzly weekends, in lieu of long walks on the hills of Bay Area, we often find ourselves staying home with reruns of Firefly and surviving on samosa sandwiches. A few weekends ago, we decided to change the drizzly weekend routine and drove out to People’s Republic of Berkeley with the idea of lunching at Gregoire’s, a small hole in the wall that is purported to serve up gourmet lunches.

Inside this hole in the wall shop, they have counter seating for three and two were occupied. Outside, there was a picnic table but it was too cold. They box the lunches very prettily. So we ate sitting in our parked car. Crab is in season, or was a few weekends ago. So we ordered a crab sandwich to share. It was fresh and light and whipped up with a healthy dose of mayonnaise. The bun was buttery. The accompanying pearl couscous salad was beet root colorful. Sandwich came stuffed with shoestring fries which lent a crisp texture to the otherwise soft sandwich. But highlight at Grégoire’s is their deep fried balls of mashed potatoes with a creamy mustardy dressing. Light and airy potatoes. Deep fried. Can one actually go wrong with deep fried potatoes? No. Could they be improved? Perhaps a hint of tartness and a lighter dressing would have helped.


Written by Som

February 21, 2011 at 7:56 am

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