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Lers Ros, Thai food in San Francisco

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Larb Phed Yang – A chunk of roasted duck mixed with rice powder, chili powder and lime based salad dressing.

Pad Ped Alligator – Stir-fried Alligator with House made chili paste, Thai Eggplant Young pepper corn & Galangal

Lers Ros is a popular thai restaurant in tenderloin. Some say it is as good as Portland’s Pok-Pok. After looking at Yelp and Chowhound, we decided that Larb Phed Yang (duck salad) was a must have. We also decided to get the alligator from the special lunch menu.

The salad didn’t disappoint, the duck was moist and the whole dish packed a multitude of flavors that one tends to associate with south asian dishes. Raw onions had mellowed out in the lime. Basil leaves and coriander paired well with duck meat. Rice powder, somewhat grainy in texture like cornmeal, had added a crunchy texture to the duck meat which was itself cooked perfectly.

Flavors of Pad Ped Alligator were equally satiating. The curry didn’t have a coconut base and reminded me of Indian style curries. In particular I liked the fact that the quantity of green peppercorn was generous and I could actually taste them, they tasted like sichuan peppers without the numbing effect. Unfortunately, alligator meat itself was overcooked.

We went in on a weekend lunch expecting a crowd but there weren’t any. Restaurant itself is fairly canteen style. Staff is friendly and the menu is extensive. Although I won’t put Lers Ros in the same bracket as Pok-Pok, I am definitely returning. If it were my neighborhood restaurant, I would be doing take outs fairly frequently.

Written by Som

October 1, 2012 at 10:10 am