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First four meals from Munchery

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Perhaps the time is coming that I can get through the day in my jammies accompanied by laptop. I can work from home, get Google express to deliver the non-perishable stuff and now, get Munchery to deliver fresh food.

I recently ordered 8 items from Google express from 5 different stores. Crazy, right? Munchery is reverse of that. You can go to them for fresh food – different chefs, different cuisines, changing menu, local produce, all in one place. You can warm straight out of packaging and eat off it. This has to be the best thing that happened to frequent travelers and pajama lovers. They even donate a meal for every meal you buy. So here is what we tried for two nights, four different chefs, four different dishes. All meals were fresh tasting as promised, well balanced in flavors and ingredients, and reasonable portions.

Vera Cruz Style Rock Cod from Chef Scott Newman, Alum of Robicon and Coyote Cafe

Pan seared cod with basmati rice, light tomato based sauce with fresh vegetables like corn and red pepper. The sauce was very fresh tasting with excellent balance of flavors.

Sweet and Spicy Pollo (Chicken) Cubano by Chef Fletcher Starkey, Alum of Metro@Google

Chicken with rice and beans. I added some chopped persian cucumbers to the accompanying salad leaves. also added the plantain chips. Althugh chicken was cooked to perfection, the sauce for the chicken was tad too sweet.

Salmon with Sala Prezzemolo by Chefs Hayashida & Honda, Alum of Blowfish and Skool

Perfectly pan fried fish, spinach and a bean salad. Green sauce is prezzomolo, presumably parsely pesto with anchovies. This plate was excellent balance of flavors.

Tamarind-Chile Rainbow Trout by Chef Raymond Reyes, Alum of Gather, Michael Mina and Blowfish

Deboned trout, rice with vegetables and smoky chinese greens. Again an excellent dish with great balance of flavors.

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June 13, 2014 at 7:07 am

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