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Munchery has all entrees under $10 for 10 weeks. Menu changes every week which is nice. I am increasingly seeing mostly chicken dishes which is either a response to customer demand or rising meat prices. Combining gluten free and low-ish carb has always been difficult. Flavors have felt muted which is particularly noticeable in non-western dishes.

Chicken marsala by Chef Matthew Urban

Perfectly cooked chicken and carrots, mashed potatoes and mushroom marsala.

Rock Cod by Chef Raymond Reyes.

Perfectly cooked cod on a bed of salad greens with tapenade.

Stuffed peppers by Chef Allison Jones

Quinoa salad and feta cheese stuffing, the pepper was a little too crunchy – could have done with more cooking. Fresh mediterranean flavors.

Roasted chicken by Chef Timothy Slifer

Skin on chicken thighs, Freekeh (young green wheat) salad and spinach.

Peppered tuna by Chef Scott Newman

Peppered tuna, mushroom and bok choy, with a fantastic broth – fine dining at home.

Spicy beef by Chef Raymond Reyes

Very flavorful beef, roasted Shishito peppers, lightly cooked red peppers, zucchini and asparagus served on abed of rice.

Tandoori Chicken by Chef Jeremy Goldfarb

This is no-where near your typical Indo-Pakistani style tandoori dish. Not a whole lot of flavors beyond salt.

Grilled salmon with aioli from Chef Scott Newman

Peas and rice came with the dish, I added the tomatoes. Perfectly cooked fish.

Roast chicken with Chimichurri by Chef Alex Riccio

The rubbed spices on the chicken had muddy mouthfeel. Perfectly cooked beans with the chimichurri sauce. I should have probably slathered the yellow sauce on chicken while baking but the instructions weren’t clear. It had no distinctive flavor.

Fish with coconut curry by Chef Hayashida & Honda

Fish with yellow coconut sauce which was muted in flavors, expertly cooked asparagus, black rice was a bit too al dente.

Grilled pork chop “cassoulet” by Chef Steven Levine

“Cassoulet” felt more like stuffing in consistency.

Slow braised angus beef by Chef Jeremy Goldfarb

With a side of potatoes and picked onions

Santa Maria Trip tip by Chef Alex Reccio

This needed much longer cooking. We could not really eat this as is. Next morning, I cut it up in 1/4 cm cubes and fried it with potatoes.

Spicy korean chicken by Chefs Hayashida and Honda

With bean thread noodles vegetables and kimchi

Chicken mole by Chef James Jardine

Chicken drumstick slathered with mole sauce served with rice and black beans.

Ribs by Chef Hayashida & Chef Honda

Served with slaw.

Rustic pork terrine by Chef Jeremy Goldfarb

Served with fruit jam, pickles and bread.

Chicken breast by Chef Scott Newman

Excellent side of greens.

Bulgogi beed by chefs Hayashida & Honda

Served with rice.

Bangers & Mash by Chef Scott Newman

I served the mash next morning with eggs…

Spanish style chicken paella by Chef Alex Riccio

Overcooked chicken breast, more like a pulao than paella, little to no flavor in the dish… saffron, where are thou.


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August 9, 2014 at 7:13 am

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