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Taco Crawl – Catrina’s Taqueria

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Catrinas Taqueria, same site where Tacos Los Gemelos used to be.

We recently moved to a new home in Redwood City, Bay Area’s local Mexicana. Memories of Los Gemelos took us to the spot where Caterina now stands. Yes, the Lavendaria is still next door – bleach smell whafting in threatens to drown out the smell of seared meat. A sensual throaty voice was singing to some not to sensual music. The new owner is clearly fond of the “day of the dead” imagery. And food, well you can rarely go wrong with tacos, fatty bits of pig are fried to crispiness, served with corn tortillas (aah, gluten free….) and topped with spicy salsa.

Slightly discoloring paper flowers adorn the small tables.

Walls are still brilliantly colored in green and purple.

Tacos with carne asada and carnitas, pickled carrots and roasted jalapeños on the side.

More tacos served on the side.


Written by Som

September 19, 2014 at 10:25 pm

Posted in Cuisine, South America

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