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Here is to mother’s day!

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Above is post-lunch drink. Chill the fluids – Blanton’s bourbon and Fever tree ginger ale. Combine half a bottle of ginger ale, gingerly, with an ounce of chilled bourbon. Sit back and enjoy this  slightly sweet, slightly gingery, slightly heady cocktail.

Lunch was a gluten free but otherwise a very Indian meal, something any mom would be proud to serve to her brood – buckwheat fritters with potato curry and raita. Sorry no photos – food disappeared before I had a chance to wipe oil off my fingers!

Make a potato curry. If you have a pet recipe, go with it. What you are looking for are curried potatoes with lots of light gravy, not the dry kind. Make a raita – for this meal, plain yogurt with a good dose of black salt is perfect.

To make the buckwheat batter, to 1 cup of buckwheat flour, add a teaspoon of salt, tablespoon of mango powder and 1 tsp of dried pomegranate seeds. Mix, add one cup water and stir until smooth batter forms. Buckwheat and sour flavor are brilliant together, so don’t skimp on the mango powder. This can be made up to a few days ahead. Preferably let the batter sit overnight.

Bring 2 or more cups of oil to about 350F in your favorite deep frying vessel. I am loving rice bran oil. Any high temperature oil is fine. Keep a paper towel lined cookie sheet in 250 degree oven. This is to keep the fritters warm while they are made in batches. Drop a tablespoon of batter at time in the hot oil. Fry unti the bubbles minimize. Transfer to cookie sheet.  Depending on the size of your frying vessel, you may be able to make up to 6 fritters per batch.

Ideally you want to serve the fritters as soon as they are cooked. But you can indeed keep the fritters warm in the meantime. Serve fritters with potato curry and raita for a not run-of-the-mill meal.

Written by Som

May 10, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Upside down banana buckwheat bread

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Banana Buckwheat Bread

This started with the David Lebovitz’s upside down banana bread but with following modifications:

  • Half buckwheat and half regular flour
  • A shot of espresso
  • No cinnamon
  • Reduced sugar in the bread (1/2 cup instead of 3/4) to make up for the extra sugar in the topping
  • Sour yogurt instead of the sour cream

Over the years, I have come to realize that banana bread is a very forgiving recipe. I keep the total amount of wet ingredients approximately the same but otherwise am not particularly fastidious. The only thing I am fastidious about is the ripeness of banana. I always go for the ripest version. Otherwise, a little less sugar, a little more espresso, a little more banana, a little less yogurt…. I am a lazy baker. The end product is always moist, always super banana-y, super chocolate-y.

And yes, I went with the water/sugar topping. It tastes perfectly fine.

Written by Som

July 14, 2013 at 11:46 am