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“It was a sublime evening sitting in front of Chef Syhabout and his team.” “The educated love of food is evident in every offering.” “… studied grace of the kitchen …” “I was left speechless and incredulous.” Reading people’s comments on Commis sounded as if Ferran Adria himself had moved to my neighborhood. So before he decided to move shop from Oakland to somewhere where there is more there there, I decided to sample what others had been raving about.

With the help of opentable we got a reservation, read (some of) the breathless reviews on the web, and with some spit on our shoes and polish in our hair, off we went to Commis. For us ADD afflicted folks here is the summary – “Very good food with some minor issues. But the amount of hype Commis has received far exceeds the quality of food. Good service. Minimalist to the point of being IKEA-ish decor. Something should be done about that sodium vapor yellow/orange street light right outside the place.”

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Written by Sachin

April 3, 2011 at 10:44 am

Posted in Food, Restaurant Review

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